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What Our Patients Say

What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Rzepa Family Chiropractic patient testimonials below and please email me or contact the office if you have any questions.

God Bless, Yours in Health

Very Professional Staff

Very professional staff. Very welcoming from the moment you step into the office until you leave. You feel like a VIP. Very clean and everyone was smiling. A GREAT place to have all your needs attended to. I highly recommend this team and TRUST them for my care.

-Martin V.

Most Satisfying and Helpful Experience

Over the past two decades, I’ve seen several different chiropractors in Manchester and in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and by far this was my most satisfying and helpful experience. On a scale of 1 to 10 and 10 being the best I would rate Dr Rzepa an 11!!!

-David V.

Liking the Feeling of Being Adjusted

My 11-year-old son was adjusted today and he was comfortable and reported liking the feeling of being adjusted while also experiencing relief from the tightness that has been bothering him.

-Evan B.

Highly Recommend

Well, I did something I shouldn’t have and put my shoulder joint in a compromising position and did some damage injuring my shoulder joint and causing the condition “Frozen-Shoulder”. My shoulder injury was worked on heavily with my first visit to Rzepa Family Chiropractic with acute pain and practically zero arm mobility, my shoulder was manipulated masterfully by a true healer (you know them when you find you’re under their care) and then shockwave therapy was utilized for the deep down issues. I am happy to report that the healing progress has been high, the pain has been tapering off by the day (point pain intermittent) my arm mobility is between 80 & 100% and I’m still days from my next appointment! Very happy with the results and what a great outcome! The whole experience has been miraculous (seriously) and feel blessed to have found them in times of great need. The staff is very social, happy and caring, if you’re an animal lover they have 2 French Bulldogs that enjoy meeting you (playing with you too if you so choose to) in the waiting area and go the names Winston & Louie making it a very relaxing down home comforting experience. They helped me with my acute situation and highly recommend them for regular maintenance all the way up to acute care!

-Rob E.

Above My Expectations

My entire experience at the practice was above my expectations. Dr Bart took extra time with me to listen to my issues and was such a wealth of knowledge in explaining some other treatments that would help me with my condition as well. The adjustments he did to me released a ton of stress and tension and I literally feel like a new person! My neck no longer creeks when I move it! I will 100% be back!

-Arica B.

I Highly Recommend

Dr. Pam reviewed X-rays with me and clearly explained my issues and how my (aging) spine was contributing to my symptoms. I highly recommend Rzepa Chiropractic! Two adorable pups hanging in the waiting room were a bonus and put me at ease!

-Reenie Z.

I Absolutely Love This Place

I absolutely love this place I have recommended it to so many people. The staff are so laid back and the energy is more of a home than an office making the experience more welcoming. I have had so much more mobility in just the two times I have been there.

-Jackie H.

Very Friendly and Welcoming

I was a little hesitant when I went in for my first adjustment. I was put at ease the moment I walked through the door. Dr. Pam not only makes you feel comfortable, but she listens to you, and answers any question you may have.

-Holly G.

Noticed An Improvement After My First Adjustment

I had only ever been seen by a chiropractor that generations of my family had gone to. After many visits feeling little relief, and my voice unheard I took a leap of faith. So glad that I did! The knowledge and techniques used were nothing I was used to, yet exactly what I needed. And to have massage therapy available as well as the perfect marriage of relief. Even after my first adjustment, I noticed an improvement. Like so many others, I’ve put myself last on the list to get ‘fixed’. I know it won’t happen overnight, I’m a hot mess. But I thank you all, I’m finally feeling hopeful.

-Lori S.

Thank You So Much

I can’t say enough about my entering the building to the kindest and genuine caring people. From there, the comprehensive immediate care to give me relief of my pain was unbelievable. I left with relief that I found the place of multiple professionals to meet my healing process. Thank you so much and understand now why I was told to go the Rzepa for my pain!!

-Jennifer R.

Professional But “Cool”

No appointment necessary, walk right in, and you’re seen immediately! Really like the fun energy of office! Professional but “cool”. The doctor explained everything well. Snap, crackle, pop and skip happily out.

-Scott B.

Appreciate Time Taken

Dr. Rzepa and his team were fantastic! I appreciate the time he took to understand my situation and then thoroughly explain the steps to recovery. I left the office feeling like I had a real plan that I could act on.

-Jason C.

Professional and Personal

This office is professional and personal at the same time. They are very invested in each persons individual care needs. Its refreshing. They are innovative in their practice techniques, healing items and vitamins and information. I am blessed to be a patient there.

-Cristin P.


Overall, my first experience was excellent. I have been to many chiropractors over the years and Rzepa was among the best I’ve been to. I especially appreciate the holistic approach with having massage therapy available right there in the office.

-Kim C.


I had a problem with the way we handled payment with Medicare. After a short time I understood, and since we had never handled payment with any other doctor it was confusing. All was explained and we were very pleased. Dr. Bart and Dottie were exceptional. I truly needed an alignment and both my husband and I left with the pain gone. Yes we plan to return and will be careful to have the alignment on time.


Neck Injury

I experienced a severe neck injury shortly after relocating from CA. With no access to my regular chiropractor and experiencing extreme pain I was feeling fear and anxiety. I am so grateful to have found your practice. Being a perfect stranger I was met with genuine concern and compassion. Your skill level was immediately evident and made me feel confident in my road to recovery. Thank you so very much!

-Georgia G.

Huge Relief

From the moment I walked in I felt welcomed, and well cared for. The walk-in appointment availability and location are extremely convenient. At the first visit, I had answers and a more definitive diagnosis than ever before. That, in itself is a huge relief!

-Jessica D.


I love your welcoming staff and atmosphere! Dr. Bart is very professional, gets to the point, and explains everything very well. I’m so glad I finally have an answer after being in pain for 4 years and have great hope and confidence that Dr. Bart will soon have me feeling like my young age again.

-Ashley L.

Constant Pain

It is amazing that I am now pain free after only 1 visit. I have been in constant pain for more than a year which interfered with my work. Now I’m able to work full time again. Thank you so much Dr. Bart. You fixed me! I encourage others to drop by your office so they can be healed too.

-Paul T.

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